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NETHERLANDS – End-to-end video streaming company 24i has acquired data analytics firm The Filter.

The Filter, which was co-founded by musician Peter Gabriel, uses data science, analytics and machine learning to help consumers find and watch video content.

The deal, which is for an undisclosed amount, will enhance 24i’s video services by offering data-driven personalization and recommendations.

Filter’s managing director, Damien Read, will become 24i’s senior vice president of data products and continue to lead the data science team in Bath.

The Filter’s data science team will work with 24i’s data team to further develop the company’s data tools and products, including QoS metrics, content usage and capabilities royalty report.

Dr. Neale Foster, Managing Director of 24i, said: “The Filter’s managed service is based on a ‘test, learn and refine’ artificial intelligence-based methodology that sets it apart from other recommendation engines and software packages. ready-to-use analysis.

“We are excited to bring this expertise in personalization and advanced data-driven recommendations into 24i’s modular offering.”

Gabriel said: “When we started with The Filter, a personalized recommendation engine was a whole new concept and small, innovative independent pioneers played a vital role in the evolution of what is today data science.

“This fledgling industry has become an integral part of media and with the support of 24i, The Filter’s fantastic data team will be able to make a difference to a much wider audience, improving the user experience for million additional consumers worldwide.”

Read added: “Continually improving personalization is extremely important to our streaming customers and our powerful insights often help shape their strategic thinking.

“We are very excited to join the 24i family as it will help us further grow our offering and bring this groundbreaking technology to a wider range of entertainment businesses around the world.”