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UK – Media ratings firm Comscore has added connected television (CTV) measurement, including YouTube traffic sharing, to its Video Metrix Multi-Platform video consumption tool in Europe.

The expansion will allow buyer customers to use the platform to account TVC when creating YouTube content strategies.

Comscore said the TVC the tool would be added to the video Matrix in Spain and the UK immediately, and will launch in Italy later in June and France and Germany in July.

Additional Video Extensions Matrix platform TVC measurement will take place over the next few months in Asia and South and Central America.

The users of TVC The tool will also be able to understand how engagement differs across platforms to fuel ad planning and monetization.

Video Comscore Matrix Multi-Platform provides a view of consumer video consumption across desktops, smartphones, tablets and TVC devices, as well as the ability to strategically plan, buy and sell premium video content and advertising across all platforms using digital-only metrics.

Joris GoossensSenior Vice President Europe and Asia Pacific at Comscore, said, “As TVC continues to grow, it has become essential to expand cross-platform measurement, especially in international markets where TVC and over-the-top syndicated deals do not currently exist.

“With the addition of YouTube to our video Matrix product, advertisers in key European markets will be able to perform true cross-platform assessment, understanding the true all-screen engagement metrics of their YouTube video investments and inform planning by selecting the best content categories and YouTube channels to run their cross-platform campaigns.