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United States – Media ratings firm Comscore has expanded its relationship with television and radio inventory and workflow management company WideOrbit to include buying and selling televisions from lining.

As part of the deal, WideOrbit will introduce Comscore TV, while providing automated TV transactions and audience targeting across all markets and demographics.

The partnership will enable the automated buying and selling of advertising inventory from over 1,700 local TV channels in 210 local markets, allowing advertisers to reach a specific number of impressions in a market rather than making purchases of specific programs.

Through the agreement, more than 65 agencies and brands will have access to inventory offered through WideOrbit’s sell-side platform, WO Marketplace, powered by Comscore TV news from more than 50 million homes.

WO Marketplace helps local TV stations open up new revenue streams with automated access to new demand.

Comscore recently launched Comscore Everywhere, a single-source, cross-platform measurement currency for content, advertising, scheduling and optimization.

Bill Livek, CEO and Executive Vice President of Comscore, said, “The industry has been asking for better automation of TV buying and selling to harness the power of TV broadcasting, which remains one of the most effective ways to reach a large number of consumers.

“We are proud to deepen our longstanding partnership with WideOrbit to help advertisers more effectively reach audiences in specific markets and demographics.”

Eric Mathewson, Founder and CEO of WideOrbit, said, “The growing demand for automated buying and selling of linear TV underscores the critical importance of providing advertisers with timely and relevant data to target audiences in all markets. and all demographic data.

“Our partnership with Comscore allows us to provide the data advertisers need for effective targeting, combined with ease of execution, reduced waste, brand safety and transparency of the rates they are paying. ‘wait.”