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Creative Biogene announced the launch of one-stop aging research services for C. elegans to accelerate the speed of partner aging studies.

New York, United States – April 1, 2022 – Based on its physiological aging characteristics and superiority, the application of C. elegans as a model for studies of aging, mechanisms of longevity, and drug screening has been widely recognized over the past decades. Creative Biogene, a leading expert in the C. elegans model, announced the launch of one-stop aging research services for C. elegans to accelerate the speed of partner aging studies.

C. elegans is a free-living, harmless nematode and has homologs of approximately two-thirds of all human disease genes. The C. elegans model system used to recapitulate most human diseases over the past decades is invaluable for experimental research at the metabolic and genomic levels in vivo. Additionally, its clear, age-dependent physiological changes at the tissue, cellular, and molecular levels make C. elegans a valuable model for aging research.

As a trusted partner committed to supporting researchers in the field of aging, Creative Biogene offers a series of measures of age-associated changes that serve as biomarkers indicative of the physiological state of aging to provide insights for research. on aging. Examples of its one-stop C. elegans aging research services include:

• Lifetime test service

Because manual lifespan testing in C. elegans is inefficient and time-consuming, Creative Biogene is developing an advanced technique using WorMotel, a microfabricated device, to accurately measure the lifespan of each C. elegans and monitor the aging of C. elegans in a high throughput system. manner. After measuring the lifespan, the company evaluates the reliability of the test through a considerate protocol.

• Age-related morphology detection service

The morphological change can be directly monitored under the microscope and analyzed as a valuable biomarker for aging research. Here, Creative Biogene offers several morphological measures such as bacterial content, germline and pharynx using its powerful C. elegans model system to help researchers study mutations, drugs, diet, environmental conditions and other factors that influence aging.

• Reproductive capacity analysis service

Age-related decline in reproductive function is likely to be critical for the course of aging. Through reproductive analysis, researchers can understand the factors that affect the ability of C. elegans to reproduce to learn more about aging-related causes. Creative Biogene’s analytical approaches encompass the analysis of brood size, ovulation/laying rate as well as screening factors that influence reproductive aging in hermaphrodites.

In addition to the services introduced above, Creative Biogene also provides age-related behavioral detection and biochemical detection services as alternatives for customers. The company’s marketing manager said, “Our goal is to provide great convenience to our customers, promoting experimental advances in aging research and providing reliable reporting data.

About Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene is committed to providing reliable research services with comprehensive data analysis, fastest turnaround time, and the most competitive prices for customers. Creative Biogene offers various C. elegans services such as C. elegans genome editing, aging research, drug screening, and C. elegans biology, among others.

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