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UK – Cyance has launched a platform to provide information to business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing teams.

The platform offers a host of new features, including a “FIT score” for each company, which gives users the ability to quickly select accounts to target based on a composite score including firmographies, technology matches, levels of intention and previous commitment.

FIT score, improved user interface (UI), enhanced audience selection features, audience market trend analysis and list building tools have been designed to provide marketers with a platform – form of behavioral analysis of new business prospects and stakeholders within existing client organizations.

The dimensions of the FIT score are calculated individually by an algorithm and combined to reveal an overall score for each key account. Business topics can be selected from the existing taxonomy or customized to align with a company’s own products and services.

In addition to the FIT score, Cyance’s platform also contains a new user interface designed to help interpret and analyze data at all levels. The updated dashboard includes a range of features, including top companies, a channel for users to access and analyze all accounts that meet configuration criteria, and trending topics, which provide a picture aggregate of the interests of a target audience or segment.

Additionally, the Lists feature helps users create and manage business data to help analyze, activate and interact with audiences from the platform, without having to export to perform analysis, segmentation and report creation.

Jon Clarke, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Cyance, commented, “The FIT score was a particularly important development for the platform, as we wanted to build on our deep understanding of intent data and provide marketers with more layers information to provide the most accurate insights possible”.

He concluded, “Combining Cyance’s traditional strengths with enhanced features for audience selection will make it easy for B2B sales and marketing teams to focus their resources on the prospects most likely to convert, while retaining customers.” existing.