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United States – GutCheck has launched the Agile Creative Think Tank (ACTT), a tool that integrates the voice of the customer (VOC) into creative exploration, innovation and development work.

ACTT enables users to participate as collaborative actors in a systematic and dynamic co-creation process. The new tool The agile online co-creation format is designed to bring people into brand ideation processes earlier and more often, overcoming the time and cost barriers encountered with more traditional approaches.

Using a range of participant experiences, designed to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind human behaviors, ACTT delves into people’s experiences, perceptions and insights to fuel ideation and problem solving. .

GutCheck CEO Rob Wengel said, “Agile Creative Think Tank is a valuable new qualitative solution to complement our Agile Human Experience Intelligence. wallet, our multidimensional system to better connect brands and people. Many traditional methods focus on identifying pain points, while Agile Creative Think Tank incorporates people to actually fix them.

“By including highly creative users in multi-day co-creation activities, they express their needs and emotions – two of HXI’s core dimensions – in new and insightful ways, bringing brands closer to authentic human experiences.”

He adds, “The product was developed and refined in concert with a leading global customer who needed their customers’ voice to resonate clearly and consistently throughout the innovation process and at scale. The GutCheck solution enables brands to accelerate empathy-based connection and stand out in increasingly competitive markets. »