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United States – InnovateMR has appointed Sarah Adkins as Vice President of Quality and Research.

Adkin (illustrated) will work closely with the panel’s recruitment and research teams to ensure that InnovateMR’s data quality methodologies and tools continue to evolve in the complex landscape of survey fraud.

She has over 22 years of experience in the market research industry with specialties including research, strategic planning, operations management, data analytics and data storytelling. Data quality has been a key focus throughout his career at Harris Interactive (now Nielsen) and Edelman.

InnovateMR Managing Director Lisa Wilding-Brown said, “As the online survey ecosystem continues to advance in our industry, so do the tactics of fraudsters with malicious intent.

“This requires sample companies and their client partners to work closely together to both increase scrutiny of survey participants and deploy new strategies to mitigate risk.

“The addition of Sarah to the team, along with our new partnership with Cloud Research and their Sentry tool, ensures that we remain at the forefront of survey fraud technology.

“Sarah has excelled in building high-performing teams and is deeply passionate about cross-departmental communication, bringing teams together for a common goal, enabling young professionals to find their voice, and is a human leader at her heart.”