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United States – Technology research and advisory firm Information Services Group (ISG) has acquired artificial intelligence (AI) outsourcing platform Agreemint from its founders.

The acquisition, which was for undisclosed terms, will help ISG develop future tools and is part of ISG’s strategy to develop or acquire software-as-a-system platforms to complement its consulting business. and increase their income.

ISG has partnered with Agreemint since 2021 and said the acquisition would improve ISG’s GovernX supplier compliance and risk management platform.

Peter Graham, founder of Agreemint, will join ISG in a leadership role following the acquisition.

Agreemint uses AI to help clients negotiate better contracts by suggesting language that has been proven to be legal, governable, and acceptable to both parties based on analysis of previous contractual efforts.

The software also anticipates linguistic sticking points and includes a clause library that offers pre-approved clause alternatives.

Michael Connors, President and CEO of ISG, said, “Our acquisition of Agreemint creates the ultimate platform for companies to accelerate contracting times, keeping pace with their technology adoption and forming partnerships.

Graham said: “Agreemint’s AI-powered contracting and negotiation tools, combined with GovernX’s extensive supplier compliance and risk management capabilities, make GovernX the most comprehensive solution for managing lifecycle of contracts in the market today.