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WE Kantar has launched Link AI for Digital, an artificial intelligence (AI) ad testing tool designed for digital ad formats.

The tool is now available on Kantar Marketplace, the firm’s agile market research platform. Link AI for Digital is a creative effectiveness solution that predicts how a digital ad will perform in the market.

Link AI for Digital was trained using Link, a prescriptive advertising database comprised of over 230,000 survey-activated ad tests and 30 million real human interactions.

Link AI for Digital allows digital ads to be tested in a wider range of scenarios than before, as well as competitor ad testing. Additionally, it will allow clients to get feedback on early drafts of the creative development process, optimize live campaigns in real-time, and test the large volumes of assets associated with digital campaigns.

Commenting on the launch, Will Galgey, Executive Managing Director of Kantar Marketplace, said, “Link AI for Digital is a great addition to the Kantar Marketplace platform, making it an increasingly indispensable part of every toolbox. marketer.

“Having access to AI-powered and survey-based tools in one place is transformational for our customers, delivering uncompromising speed and empowering them to make effective decisions in our fast-paced world.”

Canvs AI Partnership
Kantar selected the consumer insights text analytics platform Canvs AI market research tool and integrated it into its customer marketing methodologies for in-store and online communication testing.

Kantar’s Shopper Marketing practice helps retailers understand and optimize shopping journeys, as well as store, aisle and point-of-sale layouts. Kantar uses Canvs to analyze open creative test responses for in-store and online shopper communications.

The Canvs platform automatically analyzes open ends to identify the topics, themes and emotions consumers are talking about, allowing Kantar to identify the right message and creative.

“Emotional engagement has proven critical to buyer recall and breakthrough, but finding a consistent methodology to accurately measure emotion in our creative test has been a challenge,” said Cathy Wray, senior director of research and information for Kantar Advisory Retail Delivery.

“Using Canvs for the analysis of open-ended responses in our communication tests gives us a proven and consistent approach to testing and comparing emotional engagement at the product, brand and category level and, in turn, continue to deliver groundbreaking information to our customers.”