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United States – Momentive launched Idea Screening, a concept analysis and creative testing tool.

The tool is designed to provide rapid, AI-powered insights into ideas, claims or concepts at an early stage to enable product and marketing professionals to test the relevance and effectiveness of ideas before investing in further development.

Idea Screening integrates research methodology with the global Momentive panel so users can validate large numbers of stimuli with hard-to-reach target audiences.

Automated analysis tools, such as dashboards with statistical analysis and insights based on artificial intelligence, help identify the most appropriate ideas.

Its user interface enables guided project setup, while its automated analysis features enable information identification. The new tool would bring the same methodology to an agile software solution, reducing the time and cost of information gathering.

Key benefits as described by the company include speed of access to information, embedded expertise, high quality, global data, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

“Developing designs and products that don’t fit the market is a costly and time-consuming mistake,” said Priyanka Carr, COO of Momentive.

“Validating ideas with data before the development phase is critical to success. Data can be difficult to collect when you’re still in a divergent thinking phase – before you’ve even decided on the name, logo or design to test.

“Idea Screening addresses this need by enabling users to quickly identify the strongest, market-moving ideas at the earliest stage of development, enabling them to create products and campaigns with confidence that they will find an echo in the market.”