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United States – Global media and technology company NBCUniversal has announced that marketing and advertising agency Dentsu International will be the first agency partner of its NBCUnified data and identity platform.

The partnership will use person- and household-level identifiers from Dentsu’s M1 platform and consumer data products, as well as those of its advertisers, and integrate them directly into NBCUnified.

In its initial version, the partnership will enable matches against NBCUniversal’s database, which includes 150 million person-level identifiers linked to 80 million households.

The deal will therefore target all of NBCUniversal’s premium TV, video and display inventory.

Additionally, Dentsu customers will be offered advanced analytics and measurement capabilities through the NBCUniversal and Dentsu cleanroom environments.

NBCUnified launched in January 2022 and builds on NBCUniversal’s existing advanced advertising tools and capabilities, such as AdSmart and its Audience Insights Hub.

John Lee, Chief Data Officer at NBCUniversal, said, “Identity is increasingly becoming the new currency in the cutting-edge digital television and video industry.

“Through this partnership, NBCUniversal and Dentsu are in a leadership position in accelerating our joint ability to enable customers to transact first-party identity and data in our premium offerings.”

Cara Lewis, Chief Investment Officer, Dentsu Media US, said, “This first-of-its-kind partnership with NBCU delivers an innovative addressability solution to the traditional market that can be activated immediately.

“Bringing together identifiers and data from Dentsu’s M1 platform, our customers, and NBCUniversal will allow us to discover more resonant audiences for our customers, fueling more efficient and fully transactional media buying.”