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US/UK – Nielsen has announced a multi-year audience data agreement with smart TV company Vizio and has extended its esports measurement partnership with ESL Gaming for another three years.

The Vizio agreement will create a period of exclusivity for data collected from 400 local US stations which will then be processed by Vizio’s Inscape Smart TV, and will allow Nielsen to access data from approximately 20 million smart TVs.

Thanks to this agreement, Nielsen will be able to integrate Inscape data into its local and national audience measurement tools.

Vizio’s Inscape tool captures viewing data from millions of connected TV devices and streaming environments.

Mike O’Donnell, Director of Revenue and Engagement at Vizio, said, “We are excited to be working with Nielsen and including our opt-in viewing data into Nielsen’s services as we continue to help the entire television market to evolve.

Peter Bradbury, Chief Commercial Officer of Nielsen, said, “At Nielsen, we are committed to the industry to continue to innovate and improve for the future. This agreement with a leading smart TV manufacturer, for national and local measurements, further validates our commitment. »

The agreement with ESL Gaming will extend a commercial relationship that has lasted since 2019 and will focus on research in the esports industry.

ESL Gaming will be able to regularly report monetary ratings to brand partners and advertisers based on Nielsen’s Quality Index Media methodology to enable comparison with other esports and traditional sports organizations.

The partnership will track 17 events, as well as ESL Gaming’s full mobile esports ecosystem, and will focus on four main areas: media and sponsor evaluation; community and fan analysis; use standardized measurements; and mobile games and esports.

Tobias Vogt, Director of Business Operations at ESL Gaming, said: “By expanding this collaboration and including more events, we continue to innovate our ecosystems and the wider industry, and we are very happy to continue to share our in-depth knowledge with our existing and future partners. ”

Timo Krueger, Commercial Director Esports and Games at Nielsen Esports, said: “We are working closely with ESL to better understand their challenges in order to provide the best and most beneficial data regarding partner rating and fan behavior. / consumers in a rapidly developing entertainment industry around the world.”

Both agreements follow Nielsen’s recently announced quarterly cash dividend of $0.06 per Nielsen common share.

Streaming Data
Nielsen has released its first State of Play report, which highlights the growing consumption of video content on linear and streaming platforms.

The report states that Americans increased their average weekly streaming time for videos by 18%, from 143.2 billion streaming minutes in February 2021 to 169.4 billion streaming minutes in February 2022.

Streaming consumption is expected to increase, with 93% of Americans believing they would increase or maintain their current paid streaming plans.

However, 46% of audiences felt overwhelmed by the amount of content available on streaming platforms and struggled to find the content they wanted, with a 20% increase in unique program titles over the three last years.

The report states that 64% of respondents indicated that they wish there was a bundled video streaming service that would allow them to choose as few or as many video streaming services as they wanted.

Brian Fuhrer, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Nielsen, said, “It’s not just that streaming is growing year over year. Consumers now want simplified access and the explosion of services has reignited discussions around bundling and aggregation.

“Ultimately, these challenges signal an opportunity as the industry harnesses streaming for long-term business growth.”