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Chinese tech outlet 36Kr learned on Monday that Choiceform, an online search service provider, closed a new $30 million financing, jointly led by Sequoia China Seed Fund, Zoo Capital and a well-known strategic investment institution. , followed by Albatross. Venture and Aqua Ventures.

Choiceform, founded in 2015, is a company that helps companies achieve experience management, including customers and employees. He integrates digital strategy, data analytics and platforms into customer experience management and transformation strategies.

A foreign company similar to Choiceform is Qualtrics. At the start of this year, Qualtrics was listed on NASDAQ with a market value of up to $27.3 billion.

Choiceform seeks to reshape the experience management process with technology, combining rich industry experience, advanced network technologies and data.

As an example of the company’s services, when a client starts designing a questionnaire using different issue templates provided by Choiceform in their database, the client can flexibly create forms by clicking simply on the charts and dragging them.

When distributing the questionnaire, Choiceform attaches great importance to “critical moments”, such as hotel check-out and test drives, when users are more willing to provide feedback, which can improve efficiency.

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Once the questionnaire is collected, Choiceform combines “X Data” (customer experience data) with “O Data” (operational data) to continue the algorithm in real time, precisely define user requirements and immediately push the services of marketing or tracking.

Choiceform can enable enterprises to effectively collect user experience and realize master data asset management. Choiceform’s system is popular among large companies in the automotive, real estate, 3C and retail industries.