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FRANCE – Customer experience consultancy PRS in Vivo has launched Idea Screener, a tool that puts consumers in the context of a product being tested and offers a short film to awaken the senses.

The tool offers a search experience designed to make answering intuitive, with fast response times and defined answer options.

PRS in Vivo said this approach would more accurately mimic consumer and shopper behavior in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and produce natural and reliable responses.

The tool also makes it easier for product teams to consolidate their ideas and market products that resonate with their target audience.

Most standard idea filters are based on purchase intent or rational comparison of existing products. But, according to Dan Ariely, who is the James B Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University in North Carolina, that data isn’t always reliable because “most people don’t know what they want. unless you see it in context.” ”.

According to the BVA group company, the new filter highlights significant differences in the data, making it easier to find the best ideas and draw reliable conclusions.

“We are dedicated to behavior-driven methodologies, which has long been the reason we have not curated ideas for our clients,” commented Olivier Blanchet, Managing Director of PRS in Vivo.

“We’ve embarked on a grand journey to leverage the power of context and deliver a robust behavior-based idea filter that we’re proud to offer our customers. The service is fast, compatible with mobile devices and, above all, will help our customers. »

Carlos Gallardo, the company’s vice president of new products and forecasting, added, “We believe in true behavior. That’s why our idea analyzer aims to help respondents visualize when products are consumed; this provides more relevant and accurate information.