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UK – Consumer insights firm RealityMine has released a tool that allows customers to automatically send surveys to consumers based on search queries, website visits and app usage.

RealLife Events will allow users to target panelists with surveys using digital behavior as a trigger.

The tool, which works on all major operating systems, automates the delivery of surveys to panelists who have used specific apps, websites or performed specific search queries.

RealityMine said RealLife Events would therefore provide users with a better contextual understanding of consumer digital behaviors.

Billy Grant, Product Manager at RealityMine, said: “The desire to understand the impact of users’ digital behavior on their decision-making processes is only growing, and so far much of this data collection has was carried out separately.

“Traditional survey research is generally not connected or validated against the behaviors it seeks to understand.

“RealLife Events fills this information gap. For example, if someone browses a certain category or uses a certain app, a researcher can send a follow-up survey shortly after those behaviors to capture a response when recall rates are highest.