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Partnership Marks Important Milestone for Company Developing Next-Generation CAR-T Therapy, SynKIR, Targeting Solid Tumors

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Verismo Therapeutics, Inc., a recent University of Pennsylvania spin-out researching and developing novel KIR-CAR multi-chain platform technology for CAR T cells, announced the signing of a translational research to, in part, establish a manufacturing partnership with organizations within the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), including a vector manufacturing facility at the Center for Advanced Retinal & Ocular Therapeutics ( CAROT).

This partnership aims to support the conversion of Verismo’s first SynKIR™-110 pipeline into a Phase I clinical trial for patients with end-stage ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. The SynKIR™ platform uses a novel KIR-CAR construct design to potentially treat solid tumors.

As the first commitment under this partnership, the vector production facility within CAROT is committing to the manufacture of a lentiviral vector that Verismo may choose to use in the production of SynKIR™-110 for the potential initiation of a clinical trial by Verismo.

“We are excited to launch our partnership with Penn and advance the manufacturing of our clinical products. The expertise of Penn’s manufacturing teams will enable Verismo to more efficiently initiate first-in-human clinical trials of our SynKIR™ products and enable access to clinical lentiviral vector manufactured through well-established processes at Penn,” said said Dr. Bryan Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Verismo Therapeutics.

Verismo is advancing its first SynKIR™ pipeline product for patients with advanced ovarian cancer or mesothelioma. Verismo plans to initiate this clinical trial for SynKIR™-110 in the first quarter of 2023.


Philadelphia-based Verismo Therapeutics is developing multi-chain KIR-CAR T technology which has been licensed from the University of Pennsylvania, and is on track to bring its first product into first-in-human clinical trials in 2023. Verismo is the only company to develop the KIR-CAR platform, a modified NK-type receptor designed to significantly improve the persistence and efficacy of CAR-T cell therapy against aggressive solid tumors, an area of ​​high unmet medical need. For more information, visit:

The KIR-CAR platform is a multi-chain CAR T cell therapy, and has been shown in preclinical models to be able to maintain T cell antitumor activity even in challenging solid tumor environments. Based on natural killer cell receptors, KIR-CAR provides natural T cell stimulation, without triggering T cell exhaustion. DAP12 co-stimulatory chains facilitate additional T cell stimulation pathways, further enhancing persistence cellular. This continued function and persistence can lead to continued regression of solid tumors in preclinical models, including those refractory to traditional CAR T therapies. Additionally, the KIR-CAR platform can be combined with many additional emerging technologies, such as in vivo gene editing, advanced T cell selection, combination therapies, and even allogeneic cell therapies to potentially provide a adaptable therapy targeting the tumor to the patients who need it. .

Editor’s note: Penn owns an equity interest in Verismo and has licensed certain Penn-owned intellectual properties to Verismo.

Penn’s The Perelman School of Medicine receives funding from Verismo to support research and development of Verismo’s products (including the SynKIR™-110 product) from Penn. Penn is entitled to receive future financial benefits from the development and commercialization of technologies licensed to Verismo.

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