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Partnership Marks Important Milestone for Company Developing Next-Generation CAR-T Therapy, SynKIR, Targeting Solid Tumors

PHILADELPHIA CREAM, February 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Verismo Therapeutics, Inc., a recent University of Pennsylvania spinout researching and developing novel KIR-CAR multi-chain platform technology for CAR T cells, announced the signing of a translational research services agreement to, in part, establish a manufacturing partnership with organizations within the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), including a vector manufacturing facility at the Center for Advanced Retinal & Ocular Therapeutics (CAROT). (PRNewsfoto/Verismo Therapeutics)

This partnership aims to support the conversion of Verismo’s first SynKIR™-110 pipeline into a Phase I clinical trial for patients with end-stage ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. The SynKIR™ platform uses a novel KIR-CAR construct design to potentially treat solid tumors.

As the first commitment under this partnership, the vector production facility within CAROT is committing to the manufacture of a lentiviral vector that Verismo may choose to use in the production of SynKIR™-110 for the potential initiation of a clinical trial by Verismo.

“We are delighted to launch our partnership with Penn and advancing the manufacturing of our clinical products. The know-how of Penn’s manufacturing teams will enable Verismo to more efficiently initiate first-in-human clinical trials of our SynKIR™ products and enable access to clinical lentiviral vector manufactured under well-established processes at Penn“, said Dr. Bryan KimCEO of Verismo Therapeutics.

Verismo is advancing its first SynKIR™ pipeline product for patients with advanced ovarian cancer or mesothelioma. Verismo plans to initiate this clinical trial for SynKIR™-110 in the first quarter of 2023.

Situated at philadelphia creamVerismo Therapeutics develops KIR-CAR T multi-chain technology which has been licensed by the University of Pennsylvaniaand is on track to bring its first product to first-in-human clinical trials in 2023. Verismo is the only company developing the KIR-CAR platform, a modified NK-type receptor designed to significantly improve the persistence and efficacy of CAR-T cell therapy against aggressive solid tumors, an area of ​​high unmet medical need. For more information, visit:

The KIR-CAR platform is a multi-chain CAR T cell therapy, and has been shown in preclinical models to be able to maintain T cell antitumor activity even in challenging solid tumor environments. Based on natural killer cell receptors, KIR-CAR provides natural T cell stimulation, without triggering T cell exhaustion. DAP12 costimulation chains facilitate additional T cell stimulation pathways, further enhancing cell persistence . This continued function and persistence can lead to continued regression of solid tumors in preclinical models, including those refractory to traditional CAR T therapies. Additionally, the KIR-CAR platform can be combined with many additional emerging technologies, such as in vivo gene editing, advanced T cell selection, combination therapies, and even allogeneic cell therapies to potentially provide a adaptable tumor-targeting therapy for patients who need it. .

Editor’s note: Penn owns an equity interest in Verismo and has licensed certain Penn-owned intellectual property to Verismo.

Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine receives funding from Verismo to support research and development of Verismo’s products (including the SynKIR™-110 product) to Penn. Penn is entitled to receive future financial benefits from the development and commercialization of technologies licensed to Verismo.

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