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Vineland has established biological crop protection research services.

The new services support the introduction and use of new products and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions to improve production efficiency while promoting horticultural crop quality, environmental performance and working conditions. safe work.

Services include:

Discovery and development of new bioprotectants:

  • Macrobian – predators, parasitoids
  • Biochemical

Evaluation of bioprotectants, biostimulants, biosecurity practices, plant resistance traits and other IPM tools:

  • Effectiveness against pests and diseases
  • Plant phenotyping, morphological and physiological evaluation, evaluation of plant and fruit quality and phytotoxicity
  • Biochemical responses of plants (metabolomics)
  • Determination of the mode of action, phytosanitary mechanisms and interactions between products and practices

Process analysis to develop recommendations for the implementation and optimization of biological plant protection tools

Throughout each service, Vineland hopes to provide impactful solutions, proven scientific excellence and reputation, vendor neutrality, integrated multidisciplinary research, pre-commercial greenhouse and laboratory facilities, and established connections throughout the chain. valuable.