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we Voxpopme has unveiled two new video analytics solutions to allow users to combine its platform’s automated analytics with human intelligence, making it easier to communicate insights from video feedback.

New analytics solutions on the Voxpopme platform include a theme builder that gives customers complete control over video analytics by allowing them to create custom themes for video comments captured in Voxpopme.

Users combine their customer insights with automated analytics by categorizing video comments with custom themes alongside the platform’s automated ones. This gives customers the flexibility to decide how their qualitative results are aggregated in Voxpopme.

The second new tool is improved filters; video polls often capture hundreds of responses, which is why Voxpopme’s latest filter upgrade is designed to help users navigate through video data faster. It helps filter videos based on unique response data like automated and custom themes.

By overlaying Voxpopme’s existing data filters, including questions asked and target demographics, clients can dig deeper into any topic with any sub-audience.

Commenting on these latest innovations, Voxpopme Managing Director Dave Carruthers said, “I am delighted to share two new video analytics tools with business leaders today. Multi-market, multi-question video surveys are commonplace in marketing, product and information departments around the world, providing executives with huge volumes of video data.

“But to be useful, video comments must be digestible. Our engineering team has once again delivered features that speed up the video analysis process, while providing an extra level of control for executives looking to better understand customers. »